Claremont shines in 2017 Nationals

GCPoolGold Coast Aquatic Centre

A team of 16 Claremont swimmers made the cross-country trip for the 2017 Masters National Swimming Championships held at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre 8th-11th March. The team was wonderfully led by Captain Sue Bird and Vice-Captain Kristy Brackstone, who put together a selection of inspired relay teams.
Altogether Claremont swimmers won a total of 50 individual medals: 18 Gold, 14 Silver and 18 Bronze, which is a phenomenal acheivement!
Our relay teams performed magnificently as well, bringing home 1 Gold, 6 Silver and 1 Bronze.
Overall, Claremont paced 4th in the Total Point Score across all clubs in Australia, a simply outstanding result! Well done, Team Claremont!

For the full Meet Report and Medal Tally, written by Kristy Brackstone, please read on!




 What a cracker of a day, despite tough conditions in the stands! Here's the huge haul of medals from the mighty Claremont Gropers for day 1...

50m Breast
Bronze to Kat Fortnum and an amazing Gold to Tammy Savage.

50m Back
Gold for Damian Eyre, Silver to Kat Fortnum, Tammy Savage and Sue Bird and a Bronze to Tarmo Terve.

800m Free
3 Golds going to Eleanor Parsons, Damian Eyre and Kristy Brackstone. Bronze to Annie Kitto. Peter Mannolini swam a huge PB, cashing in on his endurance training over summer.

Relays: Mixed Freestyle
We received 3 Silvers for our awesome relay efforts. A shout out to Malcolm Levin who swan his first ever 50m free under 28 seconds in the relay. It was inspiring to watch.
What a day... great work team! Now we just had to rise and shine and do it all again!



400m IM
Gold for Kristy Brackstone, but more importantly there was a group decision (led by Captain Sue Bird, I think) that all Gropers will be doing the 400m IM next time around. Start your training team!

100m Free
Everyone stepped up for this blue ribbon event, with some awesome swims!
Silver for Graham Croft and Kristy Brackstone, Bronze for Damian Eyre, Eleanor Parsons and Angela (Crofty's daughter... she's not a Groper, but she's our room mate so we'll claim her!)

Special mention to Sue Bird, Sue Swire-Thompson and Annie Kitto for impressive 4th places and very close to PBs.
Also to Peter Mannolini who smashed his PB by 4 seconds! I think Tarmo Terve also did a PB. Final shout out to Malcom Levin, who had an amazing 75m, before a brick wall was inserted into his lane. He still managed an impressive 1:04.90 which placed him 7th in an outstanding field. Great job all round Gropers!

100m Fly
There were only a couple of brave souls who had the courage to tackle the 100m fly. Angela won a Silver and Tarmo came 4th, having also found Malcom's brick wall at about the 85m mark.

200m Back
We struck Gold from Damian Eyre and Kristy Brackstone as well as an awesome Gold medal swim (PB I think) from Viv Anthony, just holding off her competitors. Silver to Tammy Savage (who purposely decided not to take out the Gold - thanks Tammy! ;-) and to Sue Swire-Thompson. Great effort too by Peter Mannolini in his "fun" event with a lovely swim and a 5th place.

Relays: Mixed Medley
Finally, in the relays, we won a Silver, a Bronze, with Trevor Wainstein bagging his first every Masters swimming medal, and a 4th place. Some fabulous swims, one of note being Kat, who put her head down and powered through to gain Silver for our relay team.

Well, we are half way through and have a big day a head, so fire up, there’s more to come!



100 Back
Silver for Damian Eyre, Tammy Savage and Sue Swire-Thompson, as well as a commendable 4th and 5th for Malcom Levin and Viv Anthony respectively. Also, congrats to Peter Mannolini who took 7 SECONDS off his previous PB from a week ago!

50 Fly
Bronze to Tammy and to Sue Bird, winning her first ever Nationals individual medal. Well done Sue!! 5th for Malcolm and Sue Swire Thompson, 6th for Viv Anthony. Tarmo Terve swam an amazing 33.70, which gave him 9th place in his age group. That's some seriously tough competition!

400 Free
Gold for Eleanor Parsons, Damian Eyre and Kristy Brackstone. Bronze for Annie Kitto and Kat Fortnum (who says you're just a sprinter, Kat?!) and a 4th place for Crofty, with his clipped wing. Some really great swims from the rest of the Claremont team including Peter Mannolini and Richard Hughes, as well as pacing that would make Sally Bell cry happy tears - Richard, Annie and Damo to name a few.

200m Breast
Silver to Annie Kitto and Kristy Brackstone. Amazing effort by Annie given it was her first ever time swimming the race. Tarmo picked up a Bronze. Peter Mannolini swam beautifully and managed 6th place.

Relays: Mens and Womens Medley
Great effort all around in the relays with a 4th to one of the female teams and an absolutely amazing finish by Kat (assisted by some heroic fly from Tammy) to just touch out the almighty PowerPoints and steal our first relay Gold!

While they boys didn’t place, they were up against some bloody tough competition.



200m IM
A beautiful scenario here, with every Claremont swimmer who entered the event taking home a medal! Gold to Kristy Brackstone, Silver for Kat Fortnum and Eleanor Parsons and a Bronze for Viv Anthony. How's that for girl power! Let's see the boys carry the trend forward next time.

50m Free
I think we were all finding that 4 days of racing somewhat hinders your ability to be as explosive as you'd like, so the 50m free was tough for a lot of us, but the Gropers dug deep and we had some thoroughly impressive swims.

An amazing effort by Kat Fortnum who bagged herself a Gold! Very fitting for our Golden anchor from the women's relay. Graham Croft also won Gold, despite his arm nearly falling off in the process! Silver to Sue Swire-Thompson and Bronze to our mighty Captain Sue Bird and Kristy Brackstone.

Those who came very close to medals include Damian Eyre and Eleanor Parsons (4th) and Annie Kitto (5th). It's worth having some sympathy for Tarmo and the age group he finds himself in. Tarmo swam a very impressive 29.09, which only placed him 11th in the age group. That's some seriously tough competition! It was almost as tough for Malcom, who placed 7th with an awesome time of 28.49. Well done guys, you're still champions in our eyes.

Also a shout out to Trevor Wainstein, who had a slow start off the blocks, but once he started swimming was brilliant in the water. Before he even dried off he was up in the stands getting tips on how to improve his start. With some expert advice from Malcom Levin he'll no doubt find a second or two improvement for his next swim.

100m Breast
From what I can see we didn't have a significant showing in this event, but Annie Kitto did us proud, bringing home a Bronze, and Trevor finished an impressive 8th.

200m Free
Some great results with Gold from Damian Eyre, Eleanor Parsons and Kristy Brackstone. Bronze to Tarmo (in a tough age group, as previously mentioned), Annie Kitto and Graham Croft ( whose arm had been reattached with gaffa tape). Sue Bird was close to a medal with a tidy 5th place.

Richard Hughes gave us yet another tutorial in perfect pacing as he did his best time in years, with a 2:51 which was lovely to watch.

Relays: Mens and Womens Freestyle

The relays were again the frantic and competitive beasts we had come to know over the previous days. Both women's teams managed Silver medals and the boys held up well against out of this world competition. What was most impressive is that a number of swimmers in our team stepped up and significantly improved their 50m times from earlier in the day. Tammy took 1.5 seconds off, and I think there were also improvements from Eleanor and Sue ST. How's that for team spirit!!

Righteo people, so there we are, tired and weary after a long sunny four days of racing, and with sore legs from (allegedly) dancing the "Nutbush" all night long. I sure hope everyone has woken up happy and proud of their efforts over the last 4 days.

So that was it! Thank you all for being such a fantastic and encouraging group of people at this meet. It's been great fun competing with you all. Also a huge thank you to our amazing Captain Sue Bird, who put together some excellent relays and did a lot of organising behind the scenes. Some of us just rock up and swim, but others take on a lot more and we really appreciate it.

-Kristy Brackstone

 Medal Tally

 Swimmer Gold Silver Bronze Total Other Placings
 Kristy Brackstone  6 2 1 9 7th
 Eleanor Parsons  3 1 1 5 4th, 4th, 6th
 Tammy Savage  1 3 1 5 4th
 Kat Fortnum 1 2 2 5  
 Vivienne Anthony 1   1 2 4th, 5th, 6th
 Sue Swire-Thompson   4   4 4th, 5th
 Annie Kitto   1 4 5 4th, 4th, 5th
 Sue Bird     2 2 4th, 5th, 6th
 Damien Eyre 5 1 1 7 4th
 Graham Croft 1 1 1 3 4th, 6th, 2x8th
 Tarmo Terve     3 3 4th, 2x5th, 9th, 1th
 Trevor Wainstein         6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 11th, 12th
 Richard Hughes         3x9th, 2x13th, 2x14th, 17th
 Peter Mannolini         5th, 6th, 3x7th, 9th, 12th, 13th
 Malcolm Levin         4th, 2x5th, 2x7th
 Steve Wills         7th, 10th, 3x11th, 12th 14th
 Totals  18 14 18 50