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Medley Challenge

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  • Published: Tuesday, 24 November 2015 03:14
  • Written by Claremont
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Medley Challenge: Louise Cole, Kristy Brackstone, Vic Paul, Anna Eisenhauer & Alison Farmer

Swimming six kilometres of continuous medleys might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s how four local ladies spent their afternoon last Saturday 21 November.

Claremont Masters Swimming Club members Louise Cole (33), Kristy Brackstone (36), Anna Eisenhauer (31) and Alison Farmer (50), along with Riverton club member Damien Eyre (42), each completed the arduous swim to raise funds for their chosen charities.

The continuous medley challenge is the brainchild of former World No.1 ranked masters swimmer Vic Paul, who has completed the swim twice previously.
Vic put out the challenge to his fellow clubmates, offering to donate $100 to each person’s chosen charity should they complete the swim. He was unable to undertake the swim himself this time, having recently had a number of health issues resulting in the insertion of a pacemaker.

The medley challenge consisted of swimming, in order and without stopping, 800 Medley, 800 Butterfly, 800 Backstroke, 800 Breaststroke, 800 Freestyle, 400 Medley, 400 Butterfly, 400 Backstroke, 400 Breaststroke and 400 Freestyle.

HBF Stadium kindly donated lane space for the charitable swim, while many club members donated their time for lap counting and timekeeping.

Thanks to Anne Edmonson for the photos and Sally Bell for the report.

IMGP2990Damian Eyre, Kristy Brackstone IMGP2979Anna Eisenhauer
 IMGP3002Alison Farmer  IMGP3006Vic Paul, Louise Cole
 IMGP3009Alison Farmer  IMGP2996Kristy Brackstone, Vic Paul, Anna Eisenhauer